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On Butterfly Wing's

It was a beautiful fall day the weekend of of Halloween. The weather in North America is very unpredictable. On this day it was warm enough for sightseeing and a nice relaxing motorcycle  ride with friends.  Little did I know the universe had other plans of how this day would end or begin anew. "Rebirth"

Suddenly it all happens so fast. I could see myself out side of my body. My soul was above my body flouting around as if I had turned into a butterfly with wings.  I was lying in a ditch in some water unconscious bleeding from the head with a badly broken jaw.  My heart had stopped beating. I could see it.  My heart was lying outside of my chest and it was not beating.  Strangely just like watching a big screen  movie  I could hear  everything  going on around me but  I was died.  How could this be?  I could hear the police and paramedic’s talking about needing to resuscitate me and how much blood I had lost.  It was over three pints and that is enough to stop the flow of life into the heart.  I heard the life plight land and still I can feel the air blowing everything around as if it were happening to me now.

 I am watching my life unfold right in front of me like a bad dream only it does not feel bad at all. I can see my surrounding’s but do not feel any physical pain or emotional stress.  My emotions were in a heightened and accelerated pure light energy where there is no space or time. I feel more alive than I have ever felt. There is no word to describe this ascended transformation.

If you could image all of the sudden watching your soul tare wide open and then  saw your heart lying on your chest outside of your body and everything started flowing into this superior atmosphere of powerful love and energy.  A supernatural dimension maybe even a whole separate galaxy that co exists in the heavens or perhaps it is closer to us than we think? This powerful energy had control over the heavens and planets and it was pulling me “morphing me into it” I became this all knowing all powerful amazing incredible light energy! Needless to say I will never be the same.  The light of all creation just manifested me into itself.

You do not see this powerful light energy with your five senses. The word see is felt into sight. People always ask me.  What did you see?  Did you meet anyone? Did you want to come back?I can tell you I was almost instantaneously flouting  upward into this massive soft, Loving  intriguingly beautiful bright light that was transforming me. It had sucked me into its magical atmosphere  “ Merged with God”  I instantly became all knowing. I became a part of the creator of all creations. I had no known memory of the feelings of separation of anything.  This may be hard for most to understand but I had been there before. You can never be saturated from yourself and death is an Earth created illusion and illness. Come back where?  I never left. 

We all live in a dimensional world that has levels.  Dimensional  frequency’s that can be moved higher, lower, brighter, slower, faster designed to manifest though energy thought frequency's leading us to other dimensions of existence or stagnating in a frequency that is unwilling to move. This is when we physically die and come back in the same spot we were before our body quite working. The soul clearly never die's. I can tell you this as well it must always be evolving in the direction of its creator God.

The strange thing now is not what will happen but more interestingly wishing to know how it is happening and why.  I must add I have no fear of anything. Fear is another illusion.  It has taken me all these years just to get a realization and awareness of what an observer is like. I developed a strange mind in that it is accelerating faster than I could possibly keep up with.

My new brain is intuitively  clear that it does not care of my understanding of the processes of what is happening or as to what has happened and furthermore what is to come.  It just cares mostly about the feelings behind the processes in the Now " this moment"!  That is all that matters and that is all that is reality to this transformed brain of mine.  It will not automatically annualize the possess and informs me that this is not where the powers and talents are and not to wast worried thoughts on process. Just follow your intuitive nudging movements and meditate as if it were an every day necessity like brushing your teeth. "You know my Voice" and your faith will lead you home~

My spirit guides witch I am all dependent on now tell me that I am tapped into the mind of God and this power knows all. It has the knowledge and power to control the material world and beyond. They tell me I must control my feelings and thoughts and stay connected 24/7 with the universal laws of energy that our creator has uniquely designed for our success and happiness.  Do not worry as to the proses for it is in God’s Hands.  Just stay close to this plan and your life will blossom like a newly created flower that breaths life as if it were part of the master plan of the universe



In our material reality, our concept of everything is formed though our five senses and intellectual reasoning. Our perception of reality beyond the physical world involves the exercise of Spiritual faculties. These faculties are referred to as paranormal" abilities, physic abilities, extra-sensory perception, telepathy, etc.

The existence of these abilities is generally discouraged by thinking paradigms of our world. That they exist is generally accepted and undeniable. Yet, their open acceptance and applications are discouraged, ridiculed and even persecuted. Why?

After my near death encounter in 2004 I have had an Awakening to these natural God given talents. They are ablitys that we all possess but were never told or trained to practice.

The issue is simple. The possession and exercise of these ability's has a fundamental impact on power and control. You have herd knowledge is power" thereby connecting the two, it can be understood with some certainty, that various power structures soon began keeping an eagle eye on emerging knowledge that might either support or disrupt them.

It is completely obvious that suppression exists. It is also very obvious why. Dealing with it is part of the growth process. Any hurtful action has consequences. No, there are no cosmic police who will beam down and bag those who misuse their talent, psychic, intellectual, or physical. No, God does not hover over in the clouds zapping anyone who gets out of line Figuratively speaking, everyone is given enough rope to hang them self. And some do.

So what happens when someone misuses what they have and harms others. Their ability to continue the abuse progressively diminishes. Second, Karma, the law of cause and effect. Consequences of choices made. Misuse increases separation from the Divine and increased separation reduces our energy and power thus depleting our life force and production creating illness and dysfunction.

The imperative, then is to not deny or suppress the inherent power that resides within even the least of us, but to recognize its nature and strive to render ourselves worthy of it.

The Door To Forgivness

As a Life coach and spiritual adviser I have been asked about my teaching approaches on forgiveness.

The first is to find, express and confront the pain or suppression. People have a habit sometimes of pushing bad experiences and painful memory’s down. Some are in total denial as a way of avoiding added memory’s or insecure feeling that may cause discomfort or uncomfortable feelings and bad memory’s to arise.

It helps to talk to an outside person a lot of times about the problem so they can evaluate it from both sides. As a counselor it is important to evaluate each side with  no judgement. It is funny that sometimes the person that you are holding a grudge against may not even be aware that they have offended you or that they have hurt you in some way.

Suppressed negative feeling of any kind need to be addressed and let go or transcended into a better feeling. I would teach them that suppressing and harboring bad feelings will only hurt them the most in the end. I would also inform them that it is okay to get angry if some one has wronged them or others. They are acting out of negative vibrations with intentions to harm. The key to this is to allow the feelings to come and then just let it go. Offer and encourage yourself to forgive them for their shortcomings.

Their weaknesses, immaturity and lack of knowledge and compassion is a reflection of how they are feeling inside. This is not your problem to deal with. They are most likely going to need you to be the bigger person by showing them how to react to people who are wrong and wish harm you or others.

We all have a choice as to which feelings we chose to accept, what thoughts and vibrations we chose to harbor. As it is known, like will attract like feelings. It is the law of the universe. Regardless of what you may think we can have control over our thought patterns. We need to confront our feeling and ether embrace them or just let them go. No one is perfect and if the shoe were on the other foot you would only hope for forgiveness for your short comings. As says do unto other as you would have done to you.

You now have been given a unique opportunity to be a super hero and make the world a better place. Show people the depth of understanding and unconditional love you can offer  them. You will be surprised the people who are watching you and will follow your lead.

This whole pattern of thought reactions and forgiveness will in itself  trigger a like vibration to you that will feel so much better than the alternative negative suppressed feeling that you have been holding hostage.

You may experience that this person confronts you and opens up admitting that they were wrong and did not mean to hurt you. Then asking you to forgive them. They may even to tell you the real reason they act out of negative vibrations. This will allow you to understand better what they may be going though and offer advice and compassion to help them though their situation.

Sometime people and situations are put in front of us as a tool to learn and grow by If we choose. Teaching us how to be better human beings. We set examples for others to follow with our reactions and thoughts.

Forgiveness is a blessing from the Master of the heavens teaching us how to forgive there for leading us into truly knowing how to love and forgive yourself.


Paranormal Miracle
I am telling my story in hopes that I my reach out and help others understand more clearly there spirituality and how very magical life truly is.

I was in a tragic motorcycle accident in 2004 that caused me to have a serious brain injury and head trauma. They said I mite not make it.

To get right to it my spirit left my body and was in this light looking down at the people trying to save me. I could here them and I watched them give blood and resuscitate me.

I was bleeding from the head lost 3 pints of blood. The fear was my brain swelling up. I had a broken jaw and mouth wired shut for two months after.

I could not talk,eat or remember anything!! I saw them operating on me in the hospital again I was out of my body in the room. I could here them and see them touching me.

It is clear to me we will all live forever! When I was in the light it was the most divine, angelical,loving,safe, indescribable feeling. One could not even begin to describe it as it is not found here in this life. It was clear I was in a different place, some call it (heaven).

I did not want to ever leave. But for some reason I had to come back. Now I spend my days a totally different person in so many ways.

I know I am here for a reason. I am trying to find that thing I need to do? I know something is pushing me to truly open up and live the life I am suppose to be living. The question is, What is that? Am I on the right path?

I am searching for that infinite higher self inside of me. I know it is there because that is who saved me and brought me back. My higher self that knows so much more and has magical powers.

I am trying to dig deep inside my soul to find the divine power that we all have. I know it has everything to do with our thoughts and believes. Every scene this has happened I have been driven by that divine energy to learn more. I am on a search for something? I have a stronger desire to understand and truly love people.

I feel I am in a movie show watching my self on the screen of my life and I am the script righter(producer). I get to decide how the movie will be written. I believe this is me outside my body watching what will happen next.

If you could be the producer of your own life and wright the script what would you wright. Do we REALLY think about what we what in and out of life, or do we just set back and let someone be the producer and script righter of our life. We just go along with whatever life deals us. We have lost our desire for life.

Why is this, well it is because of a world filled with illusions and distrust. People love power and control.

I am not afraid of death as I know we do not die. Our earthly body dose but our soul lives on. The most important thing lives on. What are we doing in our life here on this earth to take care of our soul? You will not be able to kill the soul.

I am deeply changed by my experience in the afterlife. I wake up every day in the moment looking for ways to try and show or make someone feel just a small peace of the bliss I felt in that amazing light. I meditate a lot. That dose make me feel closer to the divine.

I know I came back with some of this blissful love and energy to share with people. I am in the proses of trying to find ways of reaching out to people that need my energy from the light. If you have any ideas for me please let me know at I would love to here what you are thinking.

Peace and love be with you all.)

Imagination can take you everywhere

Every day you reinvent yourself. You’re always moving in motion. There is no stand still in life. Sometimes we need a push someone to show us how to move and breathe in our newly created space. There are Three types of Mentoring to help you on your way.

1. Direct. Someone who is in front of you who will show you how they became a master to their calling.

2. Indirect. Books. Movies. You can outsource a lot of the mentorship to books and other materials. There are hundreds of good inspirational, educational books, movies and DVDS.

3. Your higher self. If you have the passion to reinvent things then everything you look at will be a metaphor for what you want to do. If you can connect with the Universal Energy and Your Imagination then everything you look at will inspire you with new Ideas. Don’t worry if you have not found a passion for anything yet. Start with baby steps. Learn to meditate and focus on what makes you happy.

Do what you love and success will be a natural symptom.
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