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Renee Maria has led a very interesting atypical life.

Renee was born in Elyria Ohio located in the north central part of the state.  She had a typical mid-western upbringing.  She met her husband Bryan resettling in Wadsworth Ohio.   They have a son Trevor now attending Kent State university.

Renee went successfully to work in sales and marketing.  But Renee had other God given gifts.  She was a successful model, she was a successful voice actress and dabbled in acting even making a Hollywood resume acting reel.  If you go to her Photo Gallery page you can easily see what we mean.  So she was living the good mid-western life.

That all changed November 2 2003. at 6:30 pm.

Renee was the passenger on a motorcycle.  A terrific accident sent her to the hospital in a coma.  During the process Renee had her NDE (near death experience).

We could tell you about Renee’s NDE experience, but it is better told in her own words.  We have an entire web page dedicating to telling the NDE story.  Read about Renee’s NDE.

Things drastically changed after Renee’s NDE.  She gained certain out of the ordinary “feelings”.   More and more, some of these “feelings” ended up coming to fruition.  She was amazed as to how many actually came true.

Renee found that she could even “feel” the auras generating from other people.  She then began turning these feelings into “readings” of the person.  She began successfully predicting people’s next steps in life. 

(Author’s note:  I am creating/building Renee’s web site for her.  I took the assignment as just another web building project.  But in the middle of the process, Renee volunteered to do a “reading” on me.  I physically have never met Renee, me being located in Oregon, Renee is in Ohio.  After about 3 days Renee presented her reading pf me in a phone conversation.  I took notes of the predations.  She was extremely accurate as to my current persona.  What was and is freaky beyond belief, after about 6 months, her future predictions are so far about 80% accurate.  Once a skeptic, I became a believer)

So that is Renee’s story.  She truly wants to give back to people.  She wants to assist people to get through their trials and tribulations. 

You should consider contacting Renee to see if there is anything she can do for you?  We have provided an easy to use Contact Form to get the ball rolling.  Contact Renee and she will reply to you to coordinate a phone call contact.

Respectfully submitted by Greg Gates

Here are concepts written by Renee Maira

Iimagination can take you everywhere
It is my goal and life's mission to provide you with a unique and holistic approach  helping you reach your health and wellness goals to achieve a more perfect balance between the mind body and spirit

  • I am unbound by the linear concept of time and space.
  • Fragments of my own expressions of Oneness.
  • Ordained Life Coach specializing in Bioenergetic Vibrational Therapy's.
  • Empathic Medium with special gifts to accelerate Spiritual Transformation.
  • After a near death experience my abilities were exponentially heightened.
  • I am  using my blessed talents & gifts only for the greater good of mankind.

My Bioenergetic Training is based on the fact that no element separate Mind from Body and Soul
Every day you reinvent yourself. You’re always moving in motion. There is no stand still in life. Sometimes we need a push someone to show us how to move and breathe in our newly created space.

There are Three types of Mentoring to help you on your way. 1. Direct. Someone who is in front of you who will show you how they became a master to their calling. 2. Indirect. Books. Movies. You can outsource a lot of the mentorship to books and other materials. There are hundreds of good inspirational, educational books, movies and DVDS. 3. Your higher self.

If you have the passion to reinvent things then everything you look at will be a metaphor for what you want to do. If you can connect with the Universal Energy and Your Imagination then everything you look at will inspire you with new Ideas. Don’t worry if you have not found a passion for anything yet. Start with baby steps. Learn to meditate and focus on what makes you happy. Do what you love and success will be a natural symptom

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